Butterfly Valley

The valley of butterflies, the world by the Heritage Foundation, the world which is identified as having an urgent requirement of protection in one of the mountains babadag, 100 (1970 m Anti Dragons in the foothills of a canyon. Oludeniz is 5 nautical miles away.
The height of the canyon wall is 350-400m reach eat. The base of the canyon narrow to the West in the shape of a triangle when opened, a bright beach, sea and cliffs contrast. At the back end of the canyon 60m' link with a drop of flowing waterfalls, creeks along the valley of the giant oleanders which give the butterfly its name, is located in the jungle and the habitat of the tiger.

There are two important characteristic of the valley of the butterflies. The first of these gives you a feeling of human impotence and the height of the upright cliffs and that creepy isolated from the outside world soyutlanmislik West winds of the open sea and the horizon. The other, from the beach to the falls, rock the sinking of the landscape the day of the ceremony, the date of many features into a butterfly, almost all of them in an area of 100 acres, always together, have been submitted. One of the other dimensions of this space for 10 years, individual roving, curious, spirited young people with explorers backpack from ear to ear, they told each other here. So, the ear from every country we've all heard before, and this turned into a multinational travelers Paradise.

Cascades in the jungle section of the valley Tiger butterfly (EUPLAGIA QUADRIPUNCTARIA) are inhabited by a colony of. The name of the valley at night and moving, such as a moth which can be detected until 35 until day 35. Among these, danaus Crispus' s sub-type forming endemic (Only there-off) butterflies. Butterfly Valley ( with 90 acres of floor area); S. S. Anatolia tourism development Cooperative. on private land owned by. Operating in the valley and the valley's protection, cleaning and other services are under no obligation to provide.