Ship Island

Fethiye is in the south of the island, approximately 9 km from Fethiye. away. The length of the island 1 km, width 400 feet. Ships shows a gentle slope and steep slope North slope of the south of the island. In the Middle Ages, the symbol known as the Dead Sea basin is located within the 5th month or gemil Nikola Island. century, especially in religious matters has become an important issue with the formation of the settlement.

There are some rumors about the name of the island. For example, at the highest point of the island St. Nikolas Church, which has been encountered in a book dedicated to maritime it is known that during the medieval era. However, this is thought to be the birthplace of Saint Nikolas in the collection, and known as Santa Claus, St. Nicholas is still some denial about the accuracy of existing information has been concluded or not. Important Nikolas lived on this island, but there are no details yet about the identity no.
The Japanese archaeological team has conducted the survey on the island in 1990. Between the years of 1995-2003 and Japan's Osaka University in conjunction with archaeological excavations conducted in the Fethiye Museum. Gemile adası, the island of karacaören conducted in the vicinity of basilika, next to the church and from 11 several type Chapel, house, warehouse, tombs, and cisterns. Religious buildings made of local stones where cut stone is used partially and very little more bricks were used. For the purpose of religious frescoes on the walls of the church is covered with mosaics of the churches located on the island where the destruction of the base. On the hill the east – west referred to as the number 2 and 3 at three points, 2,5 meters wide and 160 feet long vaulted between the two churches there is a way.
The island on the northern side of an east-west direction extending in a wall concentrated at the top of the hill can be distinguished from each other in civil and commercial structures, religious structures. This situation indicates that the upper part of the sanctuary of the island.

Approximately 150 feet west of the island on the island of Karacaören is believed to have been used for the purpose of providing a smoke signal the presence of a chimney that gemile adası both at the time of a possible attack on the people of both the purpose of alerting people to the danger of the butterfly Valley to pursue the thought.
Gemile adası dark gemil center, including Ölüdeniz, Fethiye Peninsula, Knight Island, Bay of islands 12 across the region, which uncovered the remains of many churches and chapels in the various grades in the period of intense religious activity gives an impression of where it is located.
M. S. 5-13. Gemile adası religious structures around the settlement through the centuries be found having this degree more than 5. and 7. century, Pre-from Asia, to increase the number of Hajj flights by sea to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as may be ancient and Byzantine maritime trade with the Near East and Europe in terms of the relationship reveals.

In the Middle Ages, outside of religious structures are houses for people living and working there. Because it is a rocky terrain were placed in the church and the foundations of the houses carved into the rock. The remains can be seen on the surface of the sea.