Göcek, surrounded by pine forests and surrounded by pine forests, contains 6 fully equipped marinas, restaurants, cafes, all supermarkets, as well as bowling, tennis club, tennis courts and hammam; nature, calmness, yacht, boat and sea enthusiasts as well as Rixos Premium Suites & Villas and D-Resort hotels and luxury resorts are indispensable.
Göcek is a small but unique coastal town in the south west of Turkey and the heavenly gardens of the world, connected to the province of Fethiye in the province of Muğla and at the point where the Taurus mountains finish in the Mediterranean.

Göcek was used as a harbor for MOPAK and various mining companies as a small and quiet village that no one knew before 1980. Thanks to the development of tourism awareness in Turkey and investments in the yachting industry, maritime sailing and yacht passengers from all over the world were discovered and their fans grew exponentially after this date.
Gocek is surrounded by ancient cities (Telmessos), Fethiye, (Kaunos) Dalyan, Sarıgerme, Dalaman and the historical and touristic places in these areas as well as its nature adorned with its own unique koiler, islands, sea, orange and lemon trees. is the most beautiful region.