Amyntas Rock Tombs

It is a rock tomb carved into rocks in the city center from the Lycian period (4th century BC). Close to the face with the correct step Amintas. From here Fethiye and sea view is great. The tombs built in the rocks suitable for engraving and processing are made for people with high stature. The city dates from the Lycian period. 4th century his works attract attention. These are the tombs carved into the natural rock, which became the symbol of the city. Amintas, the most beautiful and most magnificent of the tombs, is reached by numerous smooth steps.

This grave is also easily seen from the plain below, and as it gets closer, the admiration for its size increases. In the middle of the left column, BC. 4th century alphabet and '' herpamiasoğlu amintas '' are written. The identity of this person is not known exactly. There are many tombs in the province worth seeing. The most important of these is the one belonging to the Lycian period. The two-storey front has a rectangular, wooden beams-like carvings and a gothic-style arched cover. Both sides of the cover are decorated with frescoes depicting wars, and they are thought to be related to one's life.