Sedir Island

Cedar island is located within the boundaries of the geographical and administrative Ula. However, proximity to Marmaris town Marmaris on the pages in terms of ease of transportation for tourists and the place we give.
Marmaris-muğla road 12. the road to the left from km, 6 km after, another point of the Gulf of gokova, Camli Pier. Glazed Cedar Island boats from the pier as they fill up they're going to.
Sedir Island, the ancient city is known for the famous Cleopatra Beach Kedai. Caria city of kedrai. Later tied to the state of Rhodes.

Kedrai means couches. Used sturdy Cedar tree on the island especially is a known presence in the keel, although not in ancient Greek is what it means. Opposite Rhodes, one of the most important settlements kedrai, was surrounded by walls. The tower and the walls, which can be viewed on the shore in the central part of the city, close to the Doric Temple of Apollo. From the temple, but today was able to reach the foundations.

Agora, metropolis and city in addition to various buildings, eastern part of the island facing north and the theatre is in good condition. It's like a big kentlesmel except for Knidos, Rhodes, Marmaris-bozburun region called Karsiyaka, ancient settlements, however, three are in the theater.
During the wars between Athens and Peloponnessos Isparta city, IO, in the year 405, the Spartan general lysander of Athens due to the Allies attacking the island and the people have taken over.
Oykulenen from the golden sands of the island, Cleopatra associated with expression. The most common Description in the sand the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her lover, the Roman commander, Antonius brought in by ship from Egypt to meet on the island.
The sand on the North Shore of the island, in particular form the droplets of limestone just outside of cedar on the island of Crete and the Aegean and the Mediterranean can be seen. The name and a very special geological formations arise, are protected under the law numbered 2863 cultural and natural heritage protection and dwindling sand.
Cleopatra Beach, golden sand and a combination of the different tones of blue, reflecting the sea and cedar Island continues to attract visitors. Pine Pier boats in the afternoon at 16.00 – 17.00 in between are returning.