The carians begins with the first known settlement in the datça Peninsula about 4,000 years ago. Miken over the intervening centuries, the Dorians, the Persians, Alexander the great, the rhodians, the Romans, the Byzantines, and finally by the Ottomans it was used as habitat. Datca Reşadiye in 1909, today has been referred to as by the Ottomans. The town of datça reşadiye quarter of today has turned out to. Surrounding the town of Datca Knidos, burgaz and every day new finds and ongoing excavations in the harbor area, yellow is being brought to light valuable historical artifacts.

Ongoing excavations and artifacts that arise as a result of information obtained-in the history of civilization proves that the reigns of the most important in Anatolia. The location of stopover and refuge harbours of knidos has been one of the most important of sailors throughout history. One of the important ways of knidos and the marine environment as a result of the storm in history to be sunk wreck is the home of many. Knidos, Datca Peninsula, Lighthouse, theoretically, is regarded as the point where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet.