Ölüdeniz is a town of Fethiye district in Mugla. Eighty per cent of the world's most beautiful Oludeniz Beach the beach was voted in 2006 by two votes. District, in terms of tourism is very advanced. The light and the sun in the land of Lycia in the Middle Ages “distant land”, also known as located in the southwest of Anatolia Teke Peninsula is located. In Turkey, lagoon (lagoon) is one of the formations.
Ölüdeniz, a stagnant Lake. Most grappling with a wave off the coast of the beach on stormy days, while Ölüdeniz is just flapping occur. However seems sluggish Oludeniz, invisible every day for three reasons renews itself. The first of these in Ölüdeniz existing resource intensive water exits, it creates a discharge at the bottom on the inside açıkdeniz. Second, the salt of the water from this source because of the difference in açıkdeniz is the formation of a continuous circulation inside and outside. The third effect of the tidal sea rises and descends half a meter on average two or three a day. This provides a large amount of sea water input and output.

When viewed from açıkdeniz from belcekiz you are not able to see the lagoon shores. When thoroughly approached the shore, Blue Lagoon Beach is entered through a short channel that makes an angle of 90 degrees. 'I never seen a storm that hasn't village of Oludeniz, which is a natural aware. However, as the ship approached the shore, a port of refuge who can't see the king, the last of his people ordered that their head be flown whoever gave that order leads to disaster. Orders shall be fulfilled. However, in the meantime, the ship close to the coast and the canal is about to be entered. With all asudelig Oludeniz awaits them. The ship that carries them and saved the last of his people and the king, but the King's son. Therefore, since then, the harbour is called Ölüdeniz. Make the king of Lydia defeated by holding the king of Lycia to the sea in the Battle of their wounded and the remaining elderly, children, women, men and youth sailing the ship off the coast, a coastal city on the way to the Beach and friendly fills caught in a violent storm. The King's son while they were looking for a safe harbor, the shores of cevirtir the direction of the ship.